Edinburgh based Jack Gibson is an interesting talent. Talent that is showcased in the forms of Dj-ing and Music Production, including anything House or Techno. Over anything, in the short term, Jack is set on perfecting his production skills to benefit the long term.

The brief time in which Jack has buried his head into the deeper sides of both Genres has gained him a promising amount of support. Support from local guys such as Mofo, Damien Outlaw, Euan Storie, with MisterSmith supporting his productions on Castle FM’s “Edinburgh Rocks Radio Show” on several occasions.

Gathering pace

Jack’s Production skills have also caught the eye of Funkagenda, Markus Schulz, Ben Sims, and Pete Tong. Opening his material to an international audience. To top it off his track “Keep On Moving” is reported to have gone down a storm with many of the artists billed on the 2013 WMC.

To get his sound out to like-minded people Jack also Co-runs an underground night in Edinburgh called “The Gathering”. This night does exactly what it says on the tin. People “gathering” for the music!!

The evidence is clear! If you see a flyer for this night, take note and head along. The track selection from all Dj’s on the bill is second to none, and the crowd is awesome!

Jack Gibson... what can SumSycheSynth say about this guy. Well for starters his unreleased 'Kee Wa Wa' has received acclaims from many a DJ and Producer across the Globe, including Mofo, Gav Houston, Ramorae, Marcel Ei Gio and Radio 1's Pete Tong. His productions are in full form of the EDM industry and his release will just be the start.

MOFO, SumSycheSynth